Greeting Card Animals

The advent of spring is upon us and winter is nearly gone, so forgive me for being unseasonal here in showing my last two years' Christmas cards. The Reindeer and the Polar bear + baby are the result of a long term project I've been working on for years now. 
My aim is to design 3D paper animals that can easily be cut out and folded, yet involve no sticking. These Christmas card designs differed from the ones in the pipeline, as they needed to fit into an envelope for easy posting.

Polar bear Christmas 2009

Baby bear was designed for the recipient to cut out and fold for themselves.

Reindeer Christmas 2008

All artwork was designed to fit onto one piece of A4 120gsm white photocopy paper, (which included the greeting) and was printed off on the home printer.
More 3D sculptural animals are currently in production.


  1. cute paper crafts and I think ic an make a lot of them from an a4 card

  2. Hi Michelle. Great idea. My tip would be to keep it simple. Good luck!