The Wedding Tree

This project was a wedding present for my brother and his wife. The tree was an idea that represented the whole family, so I just let evolve. These pictures show the progression of the image from start to finish.

I started with the main trunk and headed outwards
The shape began to form

I cut the tree out and played around with background colours and leaf shapes.
Brown paper made it ping out!

Final framed piece

I cut out and remounted the tree to the brown paper background. Then I added leaves, the birds and fiddled about with both until I was happy. Each represents various members of my family, only I haven't revealed who is which.
Finally, I added the off-cuts and rejects, simply because I liked them.

I hope they're pleased with it.

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  1. My partner Damian forwarded this beautiful image to me in email this morning. I love the way you show the creative process. I think your work is stunning, and I know I have top class taste.

    You have a very fortunate brother and sister in law.
    Kind Regards Lesley....(have two small children jumping over me and releasing blown up balloons)