I've been linocutting. I haven't looked too hard at what others have done before me as I wanted this to go its own way and not be influenced by any particular technique. I am now quickly learning what is possible and what is not. The simpler the design, the better, what has been done can't be undone, and it's pretty messy!
Although I don't think the works here are of a high standard (yet), I thought it might be interesting to show what I've achieved so far.


Two Owls

Who's afraid?

I'm currently printing the family Christmas card and will post the blog I've already written on it when they're safely in the post!


  1. Love the foxes a lot :-)

    And love the way you make patterns in the backgrounds can just imagine how lovely it was to cut those.


  2. They are stunning! I've recently been printing as well. Tried a woodcut but it's not really my thing. However I'm getting some great images from drypoint, which I also plan to blog about in due course ;)

  3. Wow! These are wonderful! I particularly like the foxes. I love how you've used the background. I'm a big fan of lino prints, just not yet quite sussed out how to make decent prints myself! :)