Good to Go sandwich range for Waitrose

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It's so nice to blog about this packaging job, as it is here that my client, Turner Duckworth found me. The design team came across an earlier post of my linocut prints via a google search and envisaged something similar might work well on a new sandwich range they'd been commissioned to design for Waitrose supermarkets.

When I went along to meet Turner Duckworth and take the brief I was surprised and delighted to see they had printed off several examples from here and my website to explain what they liked and thought might work for their product. They explained that Waitrose required designs for sandwich skillets in six basic food groups; beef, ham, poultry, seafood, vegetarian and duck. They also wanted me to incorporate words that conveyed information about the products with the images.

Now it's great to see the job as a real product range on the supermarket shelves - as well as here on my blog. It shows how important it is to record what I get up to on professional as well as my personal projects.

I'm very grateful to Turner Duckworth for their decision to use me in the first place, and for making the results look so good. I believe the products are selling well so far and Waitrose are very happy with the results.

These pictures were taken in my local store. 

Beef and chicken wraps
Point of sale banner
And this was very nice to see on the conveyor belt at the till

Side view of sandwich packs

Extra fillings

As I say, my work was spotted here and on my website, which made it easy to brief me about what Waitrose had agreed to in theory. These are the five bits of work on the brief;

The Small Creature

Foxes linocut
Night time from The Orangutan Book

Oxford Brookes Tree

Land Securities Butcher's Board

The joy of this project was that I was allowed to experiment with different images. So for the veggie image I made potato prints (using a scalpel). Then I played about at printing them over and over.

Scan with gouache paint
An early style suggestion for vegetables

Some varieties were always heading in the right direction. 
Early visual for chicken
Early images of butcher's cut diagram 
 Some weren't.
Early visual for ham
A rough for the fish packaging
I was closely art directed at every stage of this job, which is how I usually work and what I prefer. I know they can see exactly where I'm going, right or wrong. I trained and worked as a designer myself and I understand the purpose of their job. It is after all, their project and I want them to be happy. 
I was given just over a week to complete this project, which doesn't sound long, but these things always run over a bit!


  1. Congratulations on being commissioned for this work - and congratulations on the result.

    It seems to have been a good team - co-operating over the design of the packaging and the designs on it. I specially like the way the boxes can be arranged so the cows and cockerels stand in rows. It looks good - and it must be convenient for shoppers that they can see in an instant what's inside. That, in turn, must help reduce congestion around the cabinet at busy times. There's a lot in this post - and a lot of work behind everything in it.

    Another burst of congratulations!


  2. Nice one! Making me really hungry right now............ :D

  3. WOW i love your blogs! and your illustrations are gorgeous! Congratulations! x

  4. Thank you Josephine Eliza. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do this. You're kind comments are very welcome! x