Kate Mayfield: Mini Card Identity

Kate Mayfield is a writer friend of mine. She has recently completed 
The Undertaker's Women, a memoir of growing up as the daughter of an undertaker in a small Southern town in America. Far from being dour Kate is bright and funny with a penchant for the gothic that comes more from a fascination of Victoriana and the modern take on the term, than the obvious link to her late father's occupation. 

Although she's currently penning a novel Kate has recently been busy with book functions and was feeling the need to get a little card made up with her details on. So we discussed a small run of business cards for the purpose. My only brief was the mini size and possibly the use of illuminated letters for her initials. I drew up the "wrought" K and M from a selection of letters we'd both been looking at and was very pleased with her reaction of complete delight when I showed her. Apparently the ironwork lamp outside her father's funeral parlour looked just like the lettering - which is pure coincidence, but nice. I also like the fact that the cards are rather like a bookmark and can be used as such.

Since the printed cards have arrived I think they've gone down very well with clients and friends. And unable to choose, most people have been taking one of each colour. 

Roughs from the printer

White Card

Black Card

Kate Mayfield writes a blog called Here and Hereafter.

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