Big Island Sausage Company

A random email enquiry can sometimes lead to a job. I've always had the instinct to follow the peculiar.  So when the Big Island Sausage Co. sent me an email saying they liked my work and could I help them in their start-up business in Hawaii, I jumped at the chance. 

The brief was literally, "we want to say this about our product, and we'd like a picture of a bull". Further conversations asserted that the company really needed an identity that fitted many purposes from company logo, point of sale, to the actual packaging of the product. 

Initial idea
This identity had to be in a single colour, easy to produce and distinctive. It sounds restrictive, but the brief was so open I realised that here was an opportunity for me to do something I wanted to do. I thought of cattle branding to incorporate the type with the image, then came up with the idea of an old-fashioned sign cut out of iron, and played around with it.
Development sketch
Eventually I came to the sketch above and presented it to my clients. They liked it, so I moved it on to the next stage. I couldn't cut it out of iron so I used black paper. 

Paper cut of final image
The end result was scanned and tweaks were made for the final image in Adobe Illustrator. 

Application to sausages

Client: Ryan Peters sets out his stall

Company director, Ryan Peters tells me they are already doing very well and thinking of expanding their brand.  I will watch this fledgeling company with great interest.

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