Christmas Card - The Turkey

This year's turkey

Every year, however busy I am, I endeavour to design and make my own Christmas card. For the past three years I have created 3D animal cards to send to clients, family and friends. This year I had in mind a turkey with a great fan tail. 

Always the tricky bit, and before the surface pattern was considered, I had to work out how to make the turkey both stand up and fold flat for the post. So I thought it would be interesting to show just a quarter of the rejects (turkeys) that came first - before they are consigned to the waste paper basket. 

The rocking turkey. Suitably legless
No, it's not the wrong way up. This one had legs but couldn't stand
This one was promising, although it involved a lot of 
cutting and wasn't stable
This is where the stability penny dropped.

All of the above (and more) amounted to about a day's work before I finally reverted to the notion of the simpler it is, the better. 

When I had the technical bit worked out I took another day to decorate and reproduce the components.

Final solution was simple and stable
Written greetings went on the back of the fan. 

Folded flat

On the shelf
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A rafter of turkeys

A Merry Christmas to you! We're having goose actually. 


  1. Happy Christmas to you, too - and aren't you clever! These turkeys are wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much, Jo. I've been extremely busy since Christmas and have only just found your lovely comment. You are extremely kind and my New Year's resolution is to keep an eye on my blog!

  2. Got lost on the way - but the result is beautiful (if a bit sad given the fate of turkeys at Christmas!). Hope you have a lovely, festive time - with best wishes for a happy and creative 2013.


  3. Lucy, as always you are very kind. I have now found out how to reply to comments on blogger properly! I will keep an eye on it now and answer more swiftly. Promise!

    So far 2013 has been busy but very productive.