Marwell Zoo Animals and Map

This project was for Marwell Zoo near Winchester. I was asked to draw a selection of animals for signage and a new map of the grounds.

Marwell Zoo specialises in breeding programmes that reintroduce various endangered species to their native habitats. My job was to take a selection of animals and try to work out what made their species distinctive then capture it in a simple image. A perfect example of this is the difference between a Salawesi crested macaque and a Siamang gibbon. They are similar, but in no way the same.

Salawesi crested macaque
Siamang gibbon

The brief also required each animal to work in a single colour, be bold enough to collage fur or feather photo textures to sections (see below) and lastly to look friendly. 

Amur tiger
Poison arrow frog
Grevy's zebra
Humboldt penguin
West African dwarf crocodile
Red panda, Owl, Ring-tailed lemur, 
Wallaby, Meerkats, Rhino,
Pygmy hippos, Scimitar-horned oryx, Flamingos, 
Amur leopard, Coati, Przewalski's horse, 
Waldrapp ibis, Chameleon, Cheetah, Snakes,
 Snow leopard, Anteater

Initial sketch for the giraffes

When we came to designing the map it was important the zoo highlights were laid out as clearly as possible, devoid of unnecessary detail. I made the fields and enclosures simple shapes with the buildings pictograms. This makes the whole site look like a board game and far easier for visitors to navigate.

Old map of Marwell zoo

New Map with added animals

Finally, here are a few of the animals with textures applied to bring them to life. These will be used on leaflets and other publicity literature. 

Funky gibbon
Feathered Ibis
Spotted Cheetah
Furry Meerkats
Designer: Rory Brady. Art direction: Gareth Howat. 

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