Activator & Motivator Schools Packs - British Heart Foundation

Activator and Motivator packs for schools

Schools are back for a new year, so this job for The British Heart Foundation might interest teachers. I worked for Magpie Studio to produce these two schools packs, aimed at educating children to get  activated and motivated - hopefully preventing the bad habits that lead to serious illness later in life. 

I was asked to use one child as a hero for each illustration, style them in different UK locations and show them in various activities. I used paper, real objects and photographs. 


A, B, & C Poster for classroom activities

Number cards 

Motivator pack, resources and double-page spread

Agree and disagree posters for class activities

Motivator pack with double-page spread , resources and booklets

Information about how to request a schools pack from the British Heart Foundation can be found here

I worked with Will Southward and David Azurdia on this project. 

Behind the scenes

I worked out, made and photographed each image as roughs on my kitchen table. Here are some I did for client approval before we took everything to be shot professionally. Much tape, kebab sticks and blu tack was used,

Rough sketch of my intentions 

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