Horace the Orangutan

I was asked to make this image to raise funds for SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society).
Horace is an original piece of artwork made from own my collage style. He is made of cut magazines and leaflets. His mussel is made entirely from a printed photograph of Eros in Piccadilly.

I began by sketching a basic shape on board.

The surround of the eye sockets. 

A few flecks of metallic purple in there
 to set the orange off.

Photograph give depth to areas.

Randomly filling in the hair. 

A spikey orang. Dots on the eyes.

Knowing when to stop is important. 

Most of the surround was cut from images
 of wooden flooring.
Final touch of highlights to the eyes. 
Horace is currently in an auction for SOS. You can make a bid, or just take a look here.

A few more pieces of my work in this style can be found on my website here.

Snake in the grass.

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