Lunar Year of the Sheep - Royal Mail Smiler


The next lunar new year will be that of the sheep. I really enjoyed making the animals for this one. 

Here are some initial roughs of the layouts. We didn't go with the lambs or placing the animals down the centre in the final design because it looked too cluttered.

Initial thoughts on composition

This looked too crowded

Sheep can vary in breed and we chose to do these with horns to make them appear more decorative. 
I used gold paper for the horns. 

Paper animals with curly wool and golden horns.

For scale: the red paper is approximately A4
This was an early decoration for the centre margin

This sheet is always very visually busy, and part of my brief is to interpret the five elements to each animal for the stickers that accompany the stamps.

Blown up detail of the stickers

2 previous photos curtesy of Alice Tosey, Hat-trick

Graphics are by Alice Tosey, art direction by Gareth Howat at Hat-trick.
Here are the previous lunar years I've collaborated on with Hat-trick for Royal Mail:

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