Year of the Sheep - The Royal Mint

My Paper cut for Lunar Year of the Sheep 2015 coin.

It takes a day to cut out one of these doilies, using a scalpel, from a single sheet of paper. Luckily I have never made a mistake.

How the paper cut appears on the presentation pack

A page showing the progress of a sketch to a stamp.

For the reverse of the pack, I was asked to make little stamp icons for decoration. I made the Chinese character for "year of the sheep" as well as a little sheep from ordinary erasures. The page above shows the progress from sketch to the inking and stamping of the rubber's image, over and over again I cut more away. Eventually I achieve what I want and scan the image to send to the client.

Here is the link to the Royal Mint, Lunar Year of the Sheep 2015 coin 

I did this work with Alice Toosey from Hat-trick as designer.

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