Snowflakes for Lipsy

I was recently asked to do a backdrop for the fashion brand, Lipsy. The shoot stylist wanted snowflakes made from paper to create a Christmas backdrop to a range of clothing and accessories. 

What follows is a series of pictures I took during the project's progress. The lead time on this job was one week from client approval and starting the flakes to wrapping up the photo shoot. 

This is the first shot I sent the client
(hung from the shower head)
First stage folds in a process of making flakes
The next stage of cutting
Holding down for glue to set
A few snowflakes piled on my desk

On set we fixed the flakes to invisible threads
The models are stand-in for camera set-up

Adjustments to the flakes

Make-up artist working on a model

The models begin their job

Taken from the camera point

Hanging flakes

Chris Jeney in for a handheld close-up

Evening wear with hair stylist

Finally, here are some of the professional shots online Lipsy this season.

Photography was by Chistopher Jeney, image styling was by Clementine O'hara. 

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