Tall Ales


Neil Watts from brand experts Stocks Taylor Benson contacted me to say they were developing an idea for a range of specialist beers and would I like to do some linocut images for the labels. 

I began with drawings which I developed into digital images. This is an essential part of the process as the client can make changes before I commit to the linocutting process where things cannot be altered.

Each of the 5 beers were based on the character, Alf Aber. He is the sort you might find at the bar telling tales of derring do. And the more he drinks the taller they get. 

Each bottle has a tale

Reverse of the bottles along with the individual tales

All bottle shots are by and with kind permission of Stock Taylor Benson
Alf Aber and an insert for his winking eye, which we dropped in separately
Cutting the lino with a digital print out for reference


Proofing the cuts

Continued proofing lets me see how the cuts are looking
Presentation by Stock Taylor Benson

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