Year of the Monkey 2016 - The Royal Mint

These quirky roundel designs for the Royal Mint's Lunar New Year presentation packs are something I've been honoured to illustrate for the past few years. The Graphic device for each animal provides a lavish border for each special issue coin.

Here is the initial sketch developed to the finished doily. It takes me about one day to design and one day to cut the intricate patterns from one piece of paper.

Initial Sketch

Black and white version
The image I piece together on the computer.  

Above is the level of visual that goes to the client for approval.

The final cut out

Below are the little stamps used as detail on the pack. I make these using a scalpel cut into ordinary pencil rubbers.

You can buy this Lunar Year of the Monkey presentation pack from the Royal Mint here 

Graphic Design was by hat-trick. 

These are two previous roundels I have made for the Royal Mint. The blogs for these are here for 2014 Year of the Horse, and here for 2015 Year of the Sheep/Ram. 

Year of the Horse 2014

Year of the Sheep 2015

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