Art in a Box

This is a new product for The Tate consisting of twenty-one A3 cards, depicting modern works on one side and tasks designed for children on the reverse.

This was a wonderful project - a dream job, and I worked in collaboration with Mark Girvan at Buddy Creative

Barbara Hepworth

Chris Ofilli

Reverse of cards
From references such as the Ladybird book's 'Things to Make" I came up with a simple 'how to' style, with uncluttered and simple images. The aim of the product is, after all, to get kids excited about making and doing things.

Paula Rego

Karel Apel

Paul Klee

Tony Cragg

Mark Girvan wanted an illustrator who was not style specific to create a look especially for this product.

Henry Moore

Jackson Pollock

Naum Gabo

Alexander Calder

Patrick Caulfield

Eduardo Paolozzi

Cornelia Porter

The paper and cloth collages are featured in Design Week;

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  1. a wonderful 5 year old niece loves it.