A Residency in Green Park

I've been an illustrator for no more than a few years, so the fact that Harapan has made it to Green Park is completely thrilling for me. I initially volunteered to work for SOS just to get a bit of experience, and at the time the charity were just asking about for someone to do some images for a workbook aimed at Sumatran school children - a project which turned out to be The Orangutan Book. Two years down the line and I was asked if I'd be interested in painting an elephant. Yes, definitely! was my response, and six months later my work is on display in London!
Harapan on May 3rd - On cloud 9 (representing the safe herd)

In front of Nanook and Piccadilly, facing Buckingham Palace
Acrylic painting on canvas 25cmx35cm
The acrylic painting on canvas shown here is a prize for a free photo competition run by SOS. 
I really hope Harapan raises a lot of money for the cause.


  1. The work you are doing for SOS through your art is really amazing Becky.
    We so appreciate your ongoing support!
    The SOS Team

  2. Still not managed to pass through Green Park to have a peek at the elephant. The canvas is LOVELY.

  3. Love the Harapan painting too!

  4. I love that elephant. Superb!

  5. Sounds like a very prestigious position, way to go Harapan! I would love to have the painting, but I would kill to have the elephant in my back yard!

  6. Thanks for all of your lovely kind comments. Lets hope he raises a lot of money now.

  7. I want Harapan in my garden, I hope you are still blogging when i get my own house so i can commission you to do one for me!