P of Pelicans in Victoria

Here are a couple of letters I did for a nice little Land Securities project. The hoarding reaches around a development in Victoria Street, London and consists of multiple letters illustrating different aspects of the area.
In these two I was asked to make up a P from Pelicans and a Zebra-striped Z.

Caption reads: "Pelicans in St Jame's Park are fed 12 pounds of fish every day, usually between 2.30pm and 3pm. Even so they sometimes get peckish in between. One of them was once photographed swallowing a pigeon whole."

Click on image for detail

The zebra story pertains to the 19th century zoologist and eccentric Walter Rothschild who drove a zebra-drawn carriage around the grounds of Buckingham Palace to prove the animals could be tamed.

The work was commissioned by Hat-Trick and I worked with Tim Donaldson, Jim Sutherland and Gareth Howat. 


  1. They look great - the purple works a treat too! Well done :-) Kx

  2. Very nice...just reposted to my Tumblr "Attic".

    %%robert (chopin_slut from Twitter)