Birds, Squirrels and Leaves

I just wanted to get this nice little job on my blog. I was asked to draw a few images for very standard graphic tree designed by Alex Swatridge. Special billboards have been commissioned by Oxford Brookes University to provide helpful information to this year's new intake of undergraduates. The university continues to undergo a huge amount of building development whilst continuing to operate as usual. Another design for an earlier phase, called 'Monkey Tree', can be seen here.

Billboard at reception entrance

Detail of birds on the tree

Birds cut from paper
Ink and brush study of squirrels

Another page of leaves drawn with a fine ink pen

Application of leaves and Squirrels


  1. Hi, I'm a student at Oxford Brookes and I love the trees with the squirrels and birds on. I think I might do something similar in my entrance hall and let the kids paint some animals. Great artwork!

    Gillian Woodley

  2. Hi Gillian,

    Thank you very much for that! The kids could paint them on cardboard before cutting them out and arranging them on the walls.