Design & Art Directors Annual

My work has found its way into the hallowed 2010 D&AD annual. While I'm very proud that The small creature has made it to here, I cannot forget the reason why it came about. The British Heart Foundation deal with thousands of enquiries on the subject of child bereavement each year, so The small creature self-help pack was commissioned to address this sensitive problem.

D&AD 2010 Cover art by Bob and Roberta Smith

I was given an early draft of the story, then I worked with the designers at Hat-trick to determine how the visuals would develop. After a number of versions, which BHF carefully and sensitively researched, a simple illustration style in soft felt and bright colour was arrived at.

The small creature bereavement book in D&AD, for the British Heart Foundation

Bird disappears one day, but we are not given an explanation as to why. The story then follows The small creature as he makes a journey to find his dear friend. After traveling far and wide, he doesn't find Bird, but he does meet and make new friends who help him cope with his mixed and varied emotions of loss. 
Details of this project can be found on my website here
A link to The small creature pack by The British Heart Foundation is here.

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