Beijing Smiler Sheet - Royal Mail

Dragon lantern, Royal Mail smiler

I've been drawing dragons all day and thoroughly enjoying it. I've sent the sketches off to my client who has already got back to me and seems very pleased. Unfortunately, as with a lot of 'live' jobs, I'm not allowed to show anything to do with it until it is published, so I thought I'd find a dragon from the archive to show instead.

The image below is a smiler sheet. It was issued alongside the Royal Mail's official Beijing Olympic stamp set. It's purpose is a bit of fun really. The lantern stickers cheer up letters as well as commemorate the 2008 Olympics. It's a collectible item, which is a big and very important market for Royal Mail. 

I rendered all the illustrations in pen & ink, which were then applied to the lanterns by a clever graphic designer.

Each lantern depicts an aspect of Chinese culture.

Beijing smiler sheet

Today's dragons might appear some time next year. If all goes to plan. 

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