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Every job has its own requirements, its limitations, and you might be surprised to hear I'm always quite relieved when they do. The job of briefing an illustrator is a specific one. Time is usually of the essence and therefore communication is vital. I always like it when the 'rules' for the task are made clear from the outset. And my heart sinks when I hear "we don't really know what we want", because this usually means the commissioning client or designer have not considered the job's needs.

Geddes&Bub is a business consultancy which appeared to have a very wide and varied requirement for its identity. The brief from the client included the following words; organic, nurture, growth, collaboration, direction, aspiration, inspiration and humanity (plus many more).

Doodle page from initial conversation

Magpie Studio had already designed the classy filigree G&B logo when they contacted me. Now they had to get all the aspects of the business into a working image for the website. Cleverly, they'd already come up with the idea of using a series of modular images which could be connected and disconnected by a single line.  How very pure.

So we talked and I got scribbling and when we'd distilled the images down to a select few they were applied to the Geddes&Bub web pages. The line was always going to be animated, traveling swiftly along to make up the icons. You can see what I mean here:

I never underestimate the job of the designer and am privileged to work with many of the UK's finest. For  it is their ability and experience that liaises and interprets the client's needs, delivering an identity that can ultimately make all the difference to the success of their business.  

Geddes & Bub webpage

I worked with Jamie Ellul on this project. More about Magpie Studio is here

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