Paradise Lost in Copenhagen ~ A Fairy Tale (of sorts)

Paradise Lost in Copenhagen: Nightside

Copenhagen is the home to Hans Christian Andersen and the city of fairy tales. It's also been home to the 2011 Elephant Parade this summer. An exciting opportunity for well known and unknown artists alike. After last year's great success in London,  I was keen for my work to be seen in a public place again, and for ordinary people to enjoy and interact with it. So I jumped at the offer to do another elephant. 

Copenhagen is a beautiful city and it would be great to visit my work in situ. It's a fantastic event to be involved in and the money raised goes to helping the ailing Asian Elephant population. 

Dayside ~ Pictures courtesy of The Elephant Parade

So after weeks of working on my bright and colourful Paradise Lost, I crated it up and sent it over there. I couldn't make it to the launch, but I would be visiting two weeks later. And I was very excited. Unfortunately, vandals got there first, and mine along with several others had to be removed from the streets within 4 days of going on display. It has been difficult to repair as the fibreglass was broken and I'm not sure (10 days before the auction) if it's been fixed yet. 

Paradise Lost,  Copenhagen Elephant Parade

I must admit I'm more than a little disappointed by the mindless destruction that occurred. It takes a huge leap of faith to put your artwork on the streets, and sadly it doesn't always pay off.

Night side in miniature version

Day side in miniature version

Not to be deterred I still have hope that it will be fixed in time for the auction. It was just sad going all the way to Copenhagen and not seeing it amongst the others.

Here is the stop frame film I made of the painting. Credit goes to Lucille Sutherland for editing.

I hope we get a happy ending...


  1. Bloody vandals - and these elephants are such fun. You must have had a great time making them (and live in a very colourful house!)

  2. Hi Jo, yes I think it was the high spirits of a weekend festival and a few Viking wannabes. It's made me think twice about doing anymore - which is sad.

  3. Please don't give up - you must give so much pleasure to the majority. Your elephants are such fun.

  4. Thank you Jo. I would like to think I give pleasure. That was why I originally did these elephants. Unfortunately it's a bit of a slap in the face when people think it's just there to destroy. I'm doing something slightly different next spring and that will be in London, so watch this space!