Elephant Parade Books

As Pavonia currently stands on Orchard Road in Singapore I thought I'd do a little blog about the books that accompany each of these charitable art events. Not much to say really, but part of the joy of painting these elephants is viewing my work alongside that of Paul Smith and Ricky Gervais (yes, that Ricky Gervais), as well as many other prominent celebrities and talented artists. And if I can't be there to see them in situ, then this comes as second best. 

The pictures below are the hardback editions of Elephant Parade Copenhagen and Elephant Parade Singapore.


I spend weeks painting these enormous works and am not embarrassed to say I'm slightly sad when I have to part with them. So it's nice to be reminded of them in print, even if it's just for a keepsake.

Paradise Lost: I felt I wanted to say something about the loss of forestation in my design. Not just about plants and trees, or indeed the Asian elephants, but about all the other creatures that live by symbiosis there. 

Pavonia: I wanted to paint beautiful colours and patterns onto the surface - to make it a gorgeous.

To see more pictures of these elephants here are the links to my past blogs for Pavonia and Paradise Lost


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  2. Wow, I love your painted elephants. I can really understand how it would be hard to part with them, they are gorgeous!