Emperor Penguin Christmas Card

This year's Christmas card is a penguin, plain and simple. It's the fourth year I have managed to design a 3-dimensional animal for the annual family greeting. There's no particular reason that I choose animals, they just work well and seem friendly. For the design the only criteria I conform to is firstly an easy construction, simply because I have to make a large quantity, secondly that they are printed on one side of a piece of paper (this includes the greeting) and thirdly that they fold flat to fit into envelopes. 

On the technical side I work out the mechanics of the prototype then scan the plan onto my computer. I do a few things in Photoshop and Illustrator before printing the result onto cartridge paper. Then there's a bit of cutting, scoring and folding. I decided to use felt tip for the penguin's crown as it made it look more like a party hat. 

As well as family and friends I send them out to clients where they tend to go down well. They are often mentioned and it's extremely pleasing when recipients keep them.

My blogs about previous Christmas card designs can be found here.

Finally, I would like to wish you all very merry Christmas!                              

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