Lunar New Year of the Dragon - Royal Mail

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The Chinese New Year was celebrated this year with a stamp set that depicted its firework celebrations. But this stamp sheet also had stickers of celebrations from around the UK as well as the five dragon stickers; Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water.

One of the decorative dragons

I was asked to make dragons for the sheet and for the stickers. The decorative dragons were made up of lots of separate layers of scales, but the sticker designs had to be simple enough to shrink down, yet fit comfortably within the sticker format.

My original snap shots of the five dragon stickers are below. These were then professionally photographed to produce more shadow and thus depth for the final artwork.






The sheet can be purchase here at the Royal Mail shop for the price of £9.50. 

I believe they have gone down extremely well and the client is very pleased.  

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