The Big Egg Hunt

wOL the egg

Today is launch day for The Big Egg Hunt. It's an event comprising of two hundred decorated eggs that have been painted, embellished or cut away in beautiful patterns by a wide range of individuals from artists and architects to artisans and famous personalities. We've all had a little go a redesigning the ovoid. Now the results have all been scattered about London, to await discovery. After the success of the Elephant Parade 2010, The Elephant Family, took on board the fact that people really enjoyed searching for as many different elephants as they could find. And so they came up with a traditional egg hunt for their next project.

Some of the eggs are highly exotic precious pieces made from all sorts of wonderful materials, some have a serious message, but mine is just a brightly painted bit of fun really. My original design was a dragon that was going to wrap itself around the shape. The owl was an afterthought, a doodle I sent in case they had a spare egg to do, but the organisers preferred it. 

Dragon. Felt tip on paper.

Owl. Felt tip on paper

Since waving goodbye to wOL he's been swanning around London - apparently he's been seen in all the right places. When he eventually settles on a perch, I'll let the location be known. 

I'll have more about The Big Egg Hunt at a later date. Till then ahh, look at him...

By a BIG clock

By a BIG Hotel

By some BIG lights

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