The Little Eggs

I was very flattered to be asked by The Big Egg Hunt to paint a limited edition of ten ostrich eggs for their pop-up shop in Selfridges. But pride goes before a fall and the operation did not come off without at least one casualty, and yes it was a completely finished one that rolled off the table onto the floor and smashed into little pieces.

These eggs come from Africa, and measure approximately 18 cm (7inches) in height. Their surface is a layer of dimpled cream enamel which is and varied in texture yet gives it a ceramic feel. I've included a picture below of the hole each has where the egg is blown to remove the yolk and white. The Big Egg Hunt shop also sells the unpainted ostrich eggs for £20. 

The colours of these do vary. 

Egg boxes
Hole where the egg is blown

First set of three

Last seven

Egg display in Selfridges
wOL on the shelf courtesy of Steve Newton 

Postcard from wOL painting competition 

 All proceeds raised by the The Big Egg Hunt go to the The Elephant Family.

Please scroll down to see blogs about the original egg.

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