The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

Here are a series of linocut illustrations I made for Angela Carter's dark fairy tale collection, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories. Eight out of the ten tales feature young women in peril. 

Cover design: The Lady of the House of Love
Media used: Lino, paper and ink

“The metal shell of the Iron Maiden emitted a ghostly twang;
 my feverish imagination
might have guessed its occupant was trying to clamber out,
 though even in the midst of my hysteria, 
I knew she must be dead to find a home there.”
Entitled: The Bloody Chamber
Media used: Lino, paper and ink
(A wolf's mouth if viewed from side-on)

“A-hunting we shall go! Loyal to the last,
I play catch as catch can with Tab’s dead rats.”

Entitled: Puss-in-Boots
Media used: Linocut, ink on paper.

“Soon they were laughing and joking like old friends. 
When he offered to carry her basket, she gave it
to him although her knife was in it...”

Entitled: The Snow Child
Media used: Linocut, ink on paper


  1. I love Angela Carter's work, and I think your wonderful illustrations really do capture the brooding darkness of the author's imagination.

  2. Thank you for the comment my dear! I have only just found it. Oh dear.