Christmas tree decorations as gifts

This is a bit of a Blue Peter blog.

Two friends from art college and I have been exchanging Christmas tree decorations as presents for years. This leads to the gaining of some rather extravagant and delightful tree decorations that we probably wouldn't buy for ourselves. It also cuts the stress of present buying and delivery.

Birds and eggs in nests in boxes

This year I thought it would be nice to share what I'm sending here.
I found the birds and eggs in a sweet little shop where I had the idea to package them in nests.
I tend to save everything I think is interesting or useful, so I already had the chocolate and Turkish delight boxes. 

I shredded some packaging paper for the nesting material. The chocolate box needed its label covering. I had some Japanese paper with trees which I cut to the right size and glued in place. The Turkish delight box already had a nice label so I used some scrap-booking birds I had on a sheet bought years ago. 

Lastly I added a little label to personalise the gift.

Materials I used for the packaging

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